November 6th, 2002

sc lara

Something I'm looking forward to...

I am on an email list of thrift shoppers/oddballs/collectors. I've been on it about 2 years, and there are currently 241 members.

For the upcoming holiday season, about 40 of us are doing one of those anonymous "secret Santa" gift exchanging things. The rules:

1) you are assigned a gift recepient, but they are assigned someone else, so it's not a gift "trade"
2) no one knows who their gift is from (though since its via mail, postmarks may tell)
3) gift must be purchased at a thrift
4) gift should be something bizarre, wacky, odd, or otherwise unusual
5) you may spend no more than US$6.66 on the gift

Our name for this program? Secret Satan, of course.
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more crush spam

More crush spam from "". Since I didn't take the bait the first time, they offered me "hints" as to who it is:

EMail sent to LJ address:

Believe it! You have a secret admirer! Here's a CLUE: They have hair

EMail sent to other address (also harvested from my LJ, I think):

Believe it! You have a secret admirer! Here's a CLUE: Your secret admirer is between 13 and 2 years old

Notice how both of them look like typos? The first one is missing an adjective like "brown", with a few spaces instead, and the second one is just laughable. But it also tells you a lot about the spammer's perception of who is using LJ: between 13-20 something is probably about the right age for crushbait for 80-90% of the "OMG! i can't beleive brittnys outfit she wore to the mtv awards!!!" typical LJer.

Hit the "Random" button 10 times if you don't believe me about the vast adolescent wasteland out there off the safety of your friends list.