October 10th, 2002


retort of the day:

Man 1, commenting on someone's tech problem:
Anyway, us nerds know that Access licks the balls of men.  I'd rather work at Starbucks than take a tech job that involves Access.

Man 2, commenting on the above:
As one who licks the balls of men, I must object to being associated with Microsoft Access.

aaah, i am dieing!

Esp. for my DC peeps:

Since I know a bunch of you are in the DC area, I was thinking about y'all today while reading the news and hoping no one has shot you or your loved ones. And I started wondering:

Poll #66921 The Sniper Poll

Which of the following applies to how you feel about the sniper attacks in the DC area?

I do not live in the DC area, so I am not afraid of the sniper getting me.
I live in the DC area, but I am not afraid of the sniper.
I live in the DC area, and I am kinda afraid of the sniper.
I live in the DC area, and I am very afraid of the sniper.
I am afraid of Wesley Snipes.