October 6th, 2002


Lunch, old friends, candid video, and phallic trophies

Next day we awake to go to Berkeley for a free "artists and their guests" lunch. Needless to say, we don't want The Interloper tagging along, and figure this is a perfect time to leave her in SF. After a whispered conference with RC, I try to be diplomatic and tell TI that RC and I may split after lunch and that we can't haul her shit around and that she should expect to start carting her gear herself soon. I try to foist her off before lunch, explaining that it's artists and guests only, and she says breezily, oh, Weeny invited me, I'm her guest. I suspect this is bullshit, but don't feel confident calling her on it. After all, just because I find her naive and obnoxious doesn't mean that other people feel the same about her. And I don't know Weeny well enough to guess either way.

So I cart TI to Berkeley and find Weeny and guess what, I was right. She is not Weeny's guest, and the "no room in the truck" ruse did mean "no room in the truck FOR YOU" . So now I know I have a person who is either oblivious to hints, or a con artist, or both on my hands. Greeeeeat.

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no permit, dead goat, and, there will also be cake

Lessons learned on the Berkeley to SF Amoeba to Amoeba caravan:

1) When traveling across 2 counties and a toll bridge in a Caravan, remember the concept of ArtCar Time, and know the trip will take at least an hour and a half more than you expected even after you get going.
2) So don't drink a 20 oz. soda while Caravaning, dumbass! (yep, this one's me)
3) If you're going to make a snarky comment about another artist over the CB radio, maybe you ought to first check if that someone HAS A CB and is currently LISTENING TO THE CHANNEL. (No, this one isn't me, but I did witness it. Luckily, the receiver of the snarky comment took it gracefully, and as it was about his tendency to walk around in boxer shorts {and nothing else} at breakfast, it was probably good that he heard it).
4) The hills of SF + heavily decorated VW bug + long traffic lights= uh oh.
5) If you're planning a route that terminates at Golden Gate park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, maybe you, as an organizer, should check to make sure that 60-100 artcars are allowed to park there BEFORE the cops come and run us off.

So yeah, the Amoeba to Amoeba run was fun, and when we finally landed at GG Park and I got to use the bathroom, it was a happy moment. Until 20 minutes later, when the cops came and demanded permits and made us leave when we didn't have them. I dunno what everyone else did, because there was talk of "Plan B", but RC and I elected to hit the grocery store for snacks and booze and go to our host's house for a shower before that evening's party at a junkyard (hosted by an artcar artist who worked there and was having her 30th birthday).

Went to the party, which was fun, but supplied no specific anecdotes worth recounting

Next morning was the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade, which is half making-fun-of-Berkeley-attitudes, and half artcar parade.

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