September 2nd, 2002


Bumbershoot on Sunday- quick review

Dave Edmunds- Didn't know what to expect, but damn! It was just him with quitar, and he smoked. I got there late, but the 25 minutes I was blew me away. He closed with this cover of the classical piece "Saber Dance" that sounded like Dick dale meets Roland from Big Black (he was using a drum machine on only that song ). Now I must hear Rockpile Records, which I'm told are good but I somehow missed during my musical education.

Modest Mouse- Heard their records and thought they were okay, but didnt understand what the fuss was about. Seeing them live, I still don't. There's nothing wrong with 'em, they just don't "move" me. I read a book and held my seat for Sonic Youth, who was next.

Sonic Youth. I first saw SY in 1986, Evol tour. I was 16, and it was a VFW hall. Somehow, I've failed to see them since, even though I've liked many of their 90's records. Seeing them in a huge stadium with crowd surfers and a row of security at stage level was just---odd? A reminder of aging and my own mortality? I dunno. Whereas I used to like Kim's voice, I've decided that now, in general, I don't. It makes me want to have tea with honey, lest I should sound like that. Anyway, I was glad to see them again, but it was far too fraught with "signifying" details for me to actually objectively say if it was good or not.

Fun fact: whatever this stadium is (some UW thing?), it designates seating for "Adults" and "Students". See kids, just because you can take out $10K in educational loans, doesn't make you a grown up. If I was a university student, I'd be insulted by this.

Watching the crowd surfers made me think of Lollapaloza (the only other big crowded show I've ever been at), and then I started thinking about the movie "Hype" (many scenes like that, go figure), which I'd like to watch again, now that I live here and all.

The Shins- I'd never heard the Shins before. I like them. they do dreamy indie pop, but their stage patter was very funny. The crowd was exhorted to do the "Bizkit Wave"- aka "It's like you're waving your arms in the air, but it's aggro, like you're really pissed off. It would make me really happy to see you all do that".

So people did, to a song that wasn't aggro at all. the review? "That was more P.O.D. than Bizkit, but it was still great. thank you very much".

same band member later coerced the arena to do "The Wave" (like at sports events), which they did. I think The Shins were shocked that they were playing a place as big as the Key Arena, and doubly shocked that so many people came to see them and seemed to love them. His comment:

"Wow, look at how many people are here, and on a Sunday, no less. Thank you for choosing Rock instead of Jesus".

I go back tomorrow with Claypatch and Girlygirl. so I should get to sleep so I can be all alert for the drive up...