August 2nd, 2002


yuck and misc.

My sunburn is now at that peeling stage. I feel like I've got dried rubber cement all over my shoulders. ick.

I rewired a vintage tacky lamp yesterday. It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be. As a girl, I'm biologically compelled to be intimidated by electrical repair. haha.

Got a telemarketer from the New York times calling me today. Since all the email spam I get implies that I have a small penis, mountains of debt and cannot give my woman multiple orgasms, I was pleased that, for once, I'm being targeted for something actually used by reasonably literate people. Still didn't listen to their pitch, though.

I watched the premiere of the Rerun Show on NBC tonight. Is that its own punishment, or should I do further penance?

And now, a frivolous poll:

Poll #50834 Lesser of the evils

Of the following ubiquitous automotive decals, which is the MOST obnoxious?

Calvin peeing on something, such as a Ford logo
"peeing Calvin" without a corresponding sticker for Calvin to pee on.
"Praying Calvin"
Calvin in Drag/as a girl (I've seen this one with the phrase "city boys", but there may be other variations

If you marked other, please describe variant that you think is more obnoxious than the above.