July 29th, 2002


Six degrees of Obsolescence, or, Why I love the Internet, part 951:

On Sunday 7/21, I posted to 4 lists I subscribe to a plea for old computer punchcards to use to decorate the interior of my artcar. I asked that people forward my mail to anyone who might be able to help.

On Monday 7/22/02, I got this resonse from someone I don't know, who doesn't appear to be on any of the 4 lists:

You need punchcards, I am told?
You need anything particular punched in them?
We still have a reader-punch running here, a couple keypunches, etc.

On Friday 7/26/02, I checked my PO box, and lookie look:

Internet, I love you! You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the cards are unpunched blanks. My benefactor also included a few sheets of a FORTRAN data coding form (Revised march 1969).

The other thing you may be able to see in the photo is my horribly sunburned shoulder from my Art Car Campout Weekend. I will write that up tomorrow, but just so others can benefit from my mistake:

Either get Waterproof Sunscreen , or remember to re-apply it after swimming, dumb-ass.
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One sad thing, one gay thing:

I really enjoyed the poignancy and black humor of this story. I really wish I'd penned the line:

"Like you'd won a special little television set from the Brilla pasta company, but all you could get was the dead rat channel."

And as a follow up to the Starr familystory, I'd like to share one of the covers (this one's from 1985) of the Apple computing books in the batch:

This is the gayest illustration I've ever seen on a tech book. All this guy needs to be more gay is a Tom of Finland poster in the background. If the ring, mustache and polo shirt combo isn't enough, check out the (sun?)glasses on top of his head.
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