July 8th, 2002


Simile of the week

Said by me earlier re: a certain someone who couldn't identify a cultural touchstone of my youth:

When you don't know what Schoolhouse Rock is, and yet you know about Little Marcy, it's kinda like if you'd never seen Star Wars, but you had seen Corvette Summer.
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Am I WBAGNFARB (Would be a good name for a rock band) or not?

Bands whose names correspond to signs I see along the I-5 in the Puget Sound area:


Signs I've seen along the I-5 in the Puget Sound area that are, as yet, not the name of bands, but perhaps should be:

Entering Milton
Apple maggot quarantine area
Enchanted Parkway
Litter and it will hurt*

*for an emo band, I think.

Signs I've seen on other interstates that might make good band names:
"Anaconda Opportunity"
"Baptist Pumpkin Center"

What about the signs where ya'll live? Anyone care to share
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