June 26th, 2002


car news

Someone vandalized Disk Drive Monday night. I need to replace about 10 disks. No big deal. but annoying.

But what makes up for it- biking home from work tonight, for sale by the business nearby, is:

A cherry picker! (aka, a bucket truck, aka, what the phone company guys use)

I dunno how much it costs, or if anything's wrong with it, or if it requires special training to operate, but DAMN! Would this be a fun thing to have, or what? Not only would it make a fun art car, but you could alter any billboard you wanted easily, and if you hadn't decorated the picker, people might think you were supposed to be there and leave you alone while you made mischief. Too cool!

I'm sure nothing will come of this, but this is my fantasy of the day. And to think I once wanted an ambulance/hearse combo. feh
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