June 24th, 2002


Parades go by

Seattle Artcar blowout this weekend= fun, exhaustion, epiphanies. There will be photos soon, but digicam batteries are recharging and I can't upload til they're done.

Capsule review:

Friday: Reunions. House of a mad scientist with genius porch visitor-alert system. Seeing the 4th from last Tractenberg Family Slideshow Players show in a boiling-hot coffee shop. Harvey Wallbangers. "Safety break" as euphemism for "we are going outside to smoke marijuana".

Saturday: Naked except for body paint paraders. Drums. Hippies. Oh my god, so many hippies. And Utilikilts! They are universal, or really good at product placement. Drivers from Florida and Kansas that I met in TX a year ago that I never expected to see up here. The dilemma of porta-potties. The bestowal upon me of an unfortunate nickname. My first trip to Archie Mcphee. The existence of Queen Amidala panties for girls. The Phenomenauts gig in Ballard. Flirting retrospectively noted by Claypatch and Girlygirl. "That's what my prom date said".

Sunday: Parade goes smoothly. CBs are fun. Ducking out of festival to hear James Ellroy give a reading. Renewal of conviction to read Ellroy's "Cold 6000" before year is up. SRL gossip. Firearm tales. Planning for July's events. The farewell potluck. Artcar people sure are concerned about safety! Invitation to Vancouver. Home to feed the starving, ignored cats.

More when I can form more coherent thoughts
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new meme

Excluding communities and announcement-type LJs, I know or have met face to face (at least once) 45.8% of my friends list.

I "know" 10.42% of my friends list (again excluding communities).