June 1st, 2002


In which I add to my collection of books I'll never read...

Went thrifting and yard sailing today with two folks from the thriftlist that I hadn't previously met before. One is a granny with kids my age, and a very cool lady. I never thought I'd have pals that are my mom's age, but I guess that's one of the democratizing aspects of the internet. It's actually pretty neat. Anyway...

I got two amusing things today.

The first is a still-in-package Cuecat. Remembering the astonishing cluelessness of this device, I thought it was worth a buck to see if it might sell on Ebay to some geek with a passion for dumb technology. We shall see.

The second thing amuses me for two reasons: the item itself, and that it was sold at the thrift at all. I don't know if it's official policy, but I believe thrifts discard any donations of pornographic books or magazine. That's why it's so fun when they miss one, and I get to add to my collection of dirty books found at thrifts.

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