May 31st, 2002


my daily walk to work, or, need amateur botany help.

So I usually walk or bike to work. I see this sign every day and it always cracks me up:


A whole two-thirds of a bedroom? Wow! Where are we, Manhattan or something?

Considering that I've walked past street drunks many times (at 845 am) on my way downtown, plus the fact that I've inadvertently witnessed numerous furtive drug transactions, I'd find it really funny if these lovely flowers:


are what I think they are. Or more specifically, if I were to remove this


from above referenced sidewalk garden, would there be anything special or distinctive (from a botany standpoint) about said seed pod?

Of course, I would -never- do such a thing. I'm just really curious to know if color variation in the flowers is indicative of genus species variation, especially in regards to ornamentation vs functionality.

I have anonymous posting okayed if anyone would like to comment but would be embarassed to be identified as having an interest in botany
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