May 26th, 2002


Where in the world is lara7?

So I'm visiting in JS's town, catching up on LJ while he attends to an emergency work situation. Since I've been playing coy about where he lives, I thought I'd give some clues:

1) there is a giant (bronze?) statue of a giraffe visible from one of the many interstates.
2)I've been to Half-Price Books in (at least) 5 cities in 4 states, and the main store here is the largest I've ever seen. We're talking Wal-Mart big, or maybe Best Buy big, but way bigger than your avg Buns and Noodle. Needless to say, I am in heaven.
3) I've now experienced "dry by voting precinct" booze rules, which means that voters can remove alcohol sales to at least 10 blocks away, thus fixing ALL the problems associated with alcohol {/sarcasm}. Restuarants can get an exemption if they're "private clubs", which you "join" for free by filling out a card on the table when you order a beer.
4) According to an apartment finding service quoted by JS, "But people here like gates!" (in the sense of "gated community", not "Bill")

If you'd like to guess where I am, there's a poll below. Please note that you are NOT eligible to vote seriously if I've already told you where I am. Those people are welcome to contribute guesses such as "in my pants" or "in Hell" rather than the names of actual cities in America.

Poll #36285 Where in the world is lara7?

So where am I, anyway?