May 14th, 2002


I told my cat to lay off the sauce...

Well, my darling Won't has something wrong with her liver. Fuckin' alcoholic. Just kidding.

The vet says there are 4 possibilities:

1) an infection that's spread to her liver
2) Fatty liver disease (usually found in overweight older cats)
3) Something bad I can't remember
4) Some disease that there's an unreliable vaccine for that isn't treatable.

Choices 1 and 2 are treatable, 3 and 4 are not. We're hoping for number 1.

Vet wanted to hospitalize her. This would mean she'd be alone for 10 hours at night, IVs, catheters, etc. This treatment is generally more successful than home treatment. however, it's also likely to cost me between $600 and $1000. Ouch. So needless to say, we're trying home treatment. We have antiboitics, anti-vomiting meds, and special high calorie canned food to put the weight back on. I'm hopeful.