May 10th, 2002


I'm playing with the aliens (apologies to Gary Numan)

tomorrow I leave straight after werk for the alien fest in Oregon. Basically, there's this small town near Portland where a famous UFO sighting occured in 1950. Civic pride being the wacky thing it is, there's now a festival to commemorate it. Here's the scoop on the festival.

There's an art car component to the parade, so me and holyoutlaw and some non-LJ artcar types are going to caravan to Portland, carouse on Friday night, then caravan with the PDXers to McMinnville. I'll be AFK all weekend, but I'm looking forward to the road trip. Also planned with the carousing is a visit to some of Portland's adult establishments that thrive in the absence of queers. I'll have to ask the bank teller to give me my weekend money in singles, I guess.

Ironically, had I remained in Columbus, I could be taking part in its first big artcar event this very same weekend. Oh well, I'll hear from pixel and plymouth how it turns out, as they're planning to go. qvalentine, redrider and lemur, any of you SoHu-ites planning on attending the High Street festivities?

I'd better go pack my weekend stuff. I'm gonna try to fix my glasses so I'm not stuck with these contacts all weekend.
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