May 6th, 2002


all yesterday's parties

first off:

Jared, email me. I have a possible film job to tell you about(if you might be interested) , but you don't have your email address listened in your LJ info. mine is, however, so...

So I went to holyoutlaw 's party yesterday. As it got off the ground, I was apprehensive, because most of the guests seemed to be 1) way older than me 2) at the party with their Sig Otter 3) pretty entrenched in SF/Fantasy fandom, which is not really my world. I feared I'd have too little in common with other folks to be able to talk to anyone (shades of the bad party ), but these were no Group 5s. So I had a good time meeting and chatting with folks. rwx managed to freak me out by coming up to me and saying "Hi, are you lara? I know Paul" (note: Paul lives in the bay area) which made me wonder: how did he know Paul, how did he connect Paul to Luke since Paul doesn't know Luke, and how did he know that I knew Paul, and that I'd be at the party, and which one I'd be? The answer is basically: ah, the magically small world of LJ. Something like this: he'd seen my comments in the LJ of Paul's wife simbuttercup, knew they had a friend in the Seattle area, and later noticed my comments in the LJ of holyoutlaw ....plate of shrimp, I tells ya.

Also met hal_obrien as the party wrapped up and I was getting sleepy and a bit disconnected. Stayed way past my bedtime chatting with Luke. I'd say what a great time I had at the party and how much I enjoyed talking with him even if he weren't reading this. :-) It was a long drive back to Tacoland, and the late hour plus the alcohol in my system meant I was fighting sleep the last 10 minutes of driving. Managed to get home without incident, and fell asleep within seconds of getting in bed.

sunday, I did a major bad thing. I left my glasses on the bed, got up while talking to JS on the cordless phone, and then went back to lay on the bed, and under my elbow, I heard a sickening "crack". there's a crack in two places, but it might be fixable. the pearl veneer is intact, so we'll see. I have to find an optical shop in the morning to take them to. One of the lenses is popping out without the frame intact to hold it in. I'll be bummed if I'm to be without my trademark "far side lady" specs.

Tried to do some touchups to Disk Drive, since a bunch of us (Luke, me, others I may not have met or can't place the names yet) are going to the Portland area next weekend for this alien festival thingy, which has an artcar component. So Sunday would have been the last full day to work on my car, but by the time I left the house, it was getting quite cold outside, and I couldn't work for more than an hour before my hands got numb. so hopefully I can get those replacement disks put on either wednesday or thursday after work in time for the big Oregon trip.

My cat Shockie smells...peculiar. If she hadn't been fixed, I'd swear it was some sorta reproductive thing, because it's that weird funky menstrual smell that one associates with women's dorms and locker rooms. I can't explain it other than it's unpleasant, and it seems to make her want to sit on my lap more than usual. so now my pants smell like that, too. ugh.

And as I was typing this, she just jumped onto the top of the stereo shelves. I'd stacked about a foot of board games up there to stop her from jumping up there, which worked for a while, but she'd go anyway, knowing I'd take a moment to notice and chase her down.

Note to Shockie: when 10 board games fall from the height of 5'5" and land just 3 inches from my head in a loud crash, I tend to notice.

I need to find a stereo shelf that doesn't double as a cat jungle gym. either that, or conspire to get Shockie fattened up so she can't jump very high
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