April 6th, 2002


I am no longer a failure...

...at least as far as the driver's test is concerned. Last time, I missed it by one question. this time, I also used the "skip questions you don't wish to deal with til the end of the test" feature, and by the time I'd answered the 2nd question I skipped, the test cut off and said- "yay 100%". ie, it no longer mattered, because even if I missed the next 5 questions, I'd still pass. So now I'm automotively okay in WA; new plates, new license, and new insurance. And way lighter in the wallet, thanks to all the fees I've incurred in keeping my car legal.

Celebrated not by getting the haircut I desperately need, but by hitting the thrift shop on the way back from the DL place. Got a lamp that almost perfectly matches one I have, 3 LPs, and some things to help me be properly prepared for my Sunday plans- "Cross dress bowling", which is a benefit thingy for an upcoming local artcar event. I already have plenty of ties and short sleeve shirts, but I found the perfect suit jacket which does not require me to roll the sleeves. yay. dunno how to properly masculinize the pink hair, but I'll figure that out eventually.

gender dysphoria scorecard:

today I bought:
(more boyish)
a tool box
2 tubes silicone adhesive
2 retro-skinny neckties
a suit jacket
frozen dinners

(more girlish)
cat food
dryer sheets
laundry detergent
3 glasses of wine at film nite at the Java Jive
a lamp that I don't quite need but matches my other lamp

hmmm. looks like I need to do something reasonably girly tomorrow, lest I upset the balance too much.

If anyone knows:

1) where can I get a stylish haircut in Tacoma that will cost me under $50? Lani's suggestion costs $55, which is less than 1/3 of what I owe the IRS next week, so maybe not now.

2) I love Blonde Redhead's "Melody of certain damaged lemons". What should I hear next?

3) A male 17 year old I know has an affected gay-drawl way of speaking, likes the Canadian booty-rapper Peaches, and the male friend I always see him with is a big Belle and Sebastian fan. Is this enough data for me to assume he's gay, or is this typical for the straight underage kids these days? I'm just so out of touch with the youth and I'd hate to find out too late that queeny mannerisms are all over the place and I'm just out of the loop.

4) what's it all about, Alfie?
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