March 21st, 2002


Three wack things I discovered about Washington laws:

1) You must keep and use a litter bag in your vehicle or watercraft. While the fine for littering is $250, the fine for not having a litter bag is $50. I doubt this is enforced, but still. This was in the driver's liscense booklet, and not from one of those "weird laws" sites that have no citations to verify said laws.

2) the statute of limitations on prosecuting bigamy is three years. {Insert wisecracks about Mormons in Washington here}. I found this in the Revised Code looking for limitations for other crimes in reference to a patron's question. I also discovered:

3) If you don't report a rape* within a year of the occurence, the rapist cannot be prosecuted. I'm assuming the point of this is to enourage people to report rapes and to cut down on frivolous "My boyfriend broke up with me, so I'll accuse him of rape and make his life hell" type of revenge ploys, but it seems harsh. I didn't check to see if other forms of assault have the same restrictions. perhaps I shall.

*statutory rape and rape of children has different rules and is exempt from the year reporting clause, as you might guess.