February 28th, 2002


any goth Jewish Bearcubs in the house?

You might notice I did not vote for Jon Stewart in my own poll, despite having named him in past LJs as one of my Future Husbands (tm). This is not meant to be a slight on Mr Stewart, just a pragmatic realization that being infatuated with people I might actually have a chance to nail is healthier than my vague matrimonial plans for Jon, Lemony Snicket, Cory McAbee of the
Billy Nayer Show, Stephin Merritt (yes, I -know-. But he's still HOTT.) etc. BUT...

here is my new mission in life. When I am old, and someone says "that short Jewish guy who's really funny", my mission is to make it that the image that immediately pops into your head is Jon Stewart and NOT Woody Allen.

Woody Allen has set back the course of sexy funny Jews by 30-50 years. His early movies are funny and all, but when I hear the words "Jew" and "big libido" in a sentence, this is not who I want to be picturing. Even Gene Simmons is a preferable image. But Jon....mmmm. The fact that he's so self-deprecating about his height (hey, he's still taller than me) and that his show follows "BattleBots" just multiplies his charm. And the greying hairs around his forehead... swoon.

despite this, I did not watch the Grammy Awards, even though he hosted. One, I didn't know until after the fact. Two, watching your beloved shovel shit does not take away from the fact that no matter how awesome the guy, you're still watching shit being shoveled.
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