February 25th, 2002


My first weekend in Seattle, or, what drugs are -you- on?

So this was my first weekend here. My first live show was to be Dismemberment Plan/Death Cab for Cutie on Friday, but it sold out before I could get tix, so that didn't happen (I saw the Plan twice in 2 cities over Thanksgiving weekend, so it's no tragedy that I missed out this time).
So then I was gonna see Bloodhag , who do speedmetal songs about classic SciFi authors, on Saturday, until I got a call from Brian, a Seattlite from The List That Cannot Be Named. He clued me into a Sun City Girls show at a coffeehouse in the U-district, so I figured I'd do that instead, since Bloodhag plays all the time and SCG play infrequently.

SCG are one of those bands I have trouble deciding if I really like. When they're good, they're quite interesting, but they do a lot of "challenging" stuff that is, to me, not very rewarding to listen to, and a few things that scream "joke band" ( Midnight Cowboys from Ipenema , anyone?) They seem to have impulses towards Arabic/ethnic-y music, and also free jazz, sometimes in the same song. I like the first, but not the latter much.

So this show started with a kinda dirgy Arabic jam, which was good. There were 2 women dancing to the music, which was entertaining, though maybe not in the way they intended. One of them moved like a tranquilized mime. The other eventually got on stage and did this Yoko/Diamanda style vocalizing, which was okay, mostly. MimeGirl also contributed some vocalizations at some point, but these were more just screams and yelps than anything musical and I wanted her to go away. Eventually she went back to 'dancing'. The SCGs played mostly free jazz type stuff after the first 15 minutes, playing so feverishly that parts of the drum kit were knocked over at least twice during the show. The singing woman was apparently a planned guest of the Girls, MimeGirl apparently was not.

There was this dude sitting near the speaker who had his eyes closed and appeared to be asleep throughout most of the show, and did not even flinch when cymbals and drums flew around. My first thought was "Ah, this must be the famed Northwest Heroin Problem I've heard so much about". Really, I don't see what else it could have been. Whether you're a fan or not, sleep is not usually the first impulse when confronted with freaked-out skronky jazznoise. So this inspired my new Seattle show guessing game: What Drug(s) Are You On? My vote for MimeGirl: combination of Mushrooms and Ecstacy. And yes, her dancing really was -that- disjointedly bizaare. I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like that. Which is probably a good thing.

In other news:
Unpacked about half of everything. Have yet to find my record "Discwasher" cleaner or my cordless phone and answering machine. The latter seems to be a moot point, as the phone company has yet to turn my landline on, despite giving me a start day of (last) Friday. 80% of my LPs are on the shelf (I think there are a bunch of boxes in the other room I need to drag into here) but not in proper order. A project for next week, I guess.

I start work tomorrow. My new red hair has faded to a cherry cola-esque pink (not quite a avphibes pink, but close), and I'm kinda wondering what the reaction is gonna be. they've met me once as a blonde, so the not-blonde may be a surprise, and the pink may be considered "unprofessional". Then again, I keep being told that people here are more laid back about such things. We shall see.

and speaking of pink hair, one of the nice things about having it is that when I shed, I always know it's -my- hair. Pink hair in my mashed potatoes would be unlikely to be the kitchen or the waitress's fault. So I was a little mystified during tonight's bath when I found a dark, straight, 4-5 inch hair on the ledge near my shampoo. It's not mine, it's way too long to be JS's, it's too long to be body hair from either of us or to belong to one of the cats...where did it come from? I guess the simple answer is "the previous tenant", but this place had been vacant for a while (and then pretty thoroughly cleaned) when I looked at it in January. I'm not germophobic or anything, but I have to admire the tenacity of this one hair to avoid being expunged despite time, showers, baths, and post-move out cleanings. Makes me wonder if the tenants at my old apt in Columbus are finding pink hairs in their shower in turn.
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either the youth of Hawaii are WAAY behind the times...

..or someone has yet again duped a journalist:


"Do you know an emo kid? Intentionally unshowy, these guys often ride bicycles, keep diaries, write poetry and hang out at coffee shops. They prefer art films to Hollywood blockbusters and frequent independent music stores. They are usually shy and introspective."

Notice there's no mention of emo girls. hmmm.

And Built to Spill - emo? Yeah, right. Doug Martsch is 1) way old 2) bearded and has no fashion sense whatsoever 3) guilty of playing "freebird" non-ironically.

This article is so wrong it's almost right.
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