February 10th, 2002


Break from packing (so what else is new)

I'm doing pretty well with the packing today. Have almost 1/3 of the LPs done, and am up to almost 80 boxes of non-LP contents. still have to haul a bunch of stuff up from the basement, but it's beginning to look finite. We'll see where I am when this last set of boxes is full.

Which brings me to my point. Only suckas pay for moving boxes; us thrifty types get them from the grocery store, the Barnes and Noble (perfect size for books, duh), the Petsmart, and the like. I am laughing at the names stamped on some of my re-used boxes, especially some of the more obscure products carried by Wild Oats (natural/organic pseudo-hippie grocery store). I think Robert's American Gourmet Natural Snacks needs to fire their entire naming division....but what do -you- think? I made a poll, just because I value your opinion!

The last answer may not seem so funny at first, especially compared to the triple threat from Roberts (yeah, I know it's probably a reference to the Dread Pirate Roberts. I just don't see what that has to do with potato chips) But look at it from where I sit:

"Meaty Bone". heh. "Large Bone". heh heh.

Poll #18959 the procrastinating instead of packing poll

Which of these products, once packaged in boxes I got from the grocery store, has the funniest name?

Robert's Pirate's Booty
Robert's Veggie Booty
Robert's Fruity Booty
Meaty Bone