January 28th, 2002


All mine!

I am now domiciled in the state of Washington. Go, me. Got the keys and eveything. took lots of digipics but won't be able to post them til tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am leaving TacoWA a day early, since, in the words of my prom date*, "My work here is done". Lemur, please be at the airport Tuesday night instead of Wednesday to fetch my waterlogged soul. thanks much. mad props and all that.

actually, today is the first day it has neither rained nor snowed. still snow on the rooves here and there, though.

this computer is giving me a timeout rendering page error when I try to read friends lists. so that will have to wait til tomorrow. also, I'd like to state for the record that the glidepoint (tm) mouse used by this computer sucks major ass.

What I've learned this trip:
1) motel beds, when experienced solo, are among the loneliest places on earth. I sleep without other humans most nights, but being without my cats, my quilt, my lamp, etc magnifies the fact just how far away from "home" you really are.
2) the I-5 around SeaTac is among the shittiest of all interstates,not only because it desperately needs blacktopping to make it smooth enough so that it doesn't seem like your car has a flat tire for 20 miles when in actuality, your tire is fine.
3) Washington drivers are in general fairly courteous. I was faily surprised by this, but I'm pretty happy about it nonetheless.
4) the glidepoint (tm) mouse sucks major ass.

It will be good to be home, if only so I can pack my home up and move it here. Even though I made the decision to come here basicially with blind faith, so far, it seems to be the right thing to have done. We'll see what I think after I move in and start the job; hopefully things will remain happy.

and in a sidenote:
Hi , Jtemperance..not sure how you found my LJ, but good to see you again nonetheless!

*figure of speech, you don't think I actually went to prom, do you?