January 25th, 2002


first impressions of TacoLand

Been on my fact finding/apt hunting trip to Tacoma since Thursday 2pm. after 24 hours and change, here's what I know:

Tacoma has that mix of old decay and new construction that equals cognitive brain crash. Down by the port and in parts of downtown, it looks like Wheeling, WV (Or even Morgantown, WV, if anyone's been thru there).. 5 story brick bldgs with 40's era advertisements painted on the side, old artdeco touches on gutted vacant bldgs, big apartment houses that look like Manhattan co-ops. But there's also grand big new bldgs like the Washington History Museum (and the library, of course). The main thing is I really dig that odd mix of old and new, and the little corners of the city that have been ignored by progress and renovation fiends. But it does sorta look like a Midwest industrial town in parts.

The rain is pervasive, yep. But it also snowed today, which apparently is somewhat rare.

Seattle and Tacoma both have angled head-last parking on some streets, or, as I like to call it "Back that Azz Up" parking. hard to get used to at first, but probably not a bad thing in general.

Accomplished yesterday: got cellphone with Tacoma number (yes, I know, my luddite days are over I'm a little sad to have given in, truth be told, but it will help immensly in the apt hunting)

Accomplished today: got PO Box, opened bank acct at credit union, drove around and learned the lay of the land. called a few apts, no solid leads yet.

Best signs seen:
"Apple Maggot quarentine area" I-5 near SeaTac airport
"Hindsight is $.25" - Marquee at the Lusty Lady (peepshow)