January 17th, 2002


Why today?

Impending arrival of MBCFTP: 11:28 am. Expecting a phone call later in the afternnon re timetable for dinner and rest of the evening plans.

a few stumbling blocks:
1) I am getting ill. My nose has been sniffly since yesterday evening. gulped down the Vitamin C and Echinachea, but in time? We'll see.
2) I have a mouth ulcer on the bottom of my tongue, also circa yesterday afternoon. this will make eating, speaking and kissing painful, all of which I'd planned to do today. bleh.
3) Had a dream I woke up from around 6:30 am that MBCFTP called from the airport and said he "had to pick up some papers" (for the work thing that brings him here in the first place) in Racine, WI, which meant he had to catch another flight and wasn't gonna be able to hang out until 10pm or later. Curious. Hopefully not prophetic in any way.

and no, neither of us have any conenction to Racine; I have no clue where that element of the dream came from.