December 24th, 2001


Sometimes, the abyss stalks back

Since I've been home, I've been hanging out with some people I know from high school. Our school was one of those pesky "gifted student" kinda places, which means that you should reasonably expect most of us to be, if not rocket scientists, at least college graduates and perhaps, just perhaps, people that did/do something interesting with their lives. But if you've lost touch with most of these folks, or just wanna see if your valedictorian works a crap job, it's time for-Cyber-Stalking!

My friend E had told me about, which requires you to register to see data about your classmates, but posting a bio is optional. While I got very little data (everyone wants to read what others are up to without sharing their own bios, I guess), I did get an idea of who out there has email and curiousity about their classmates. and maybe a web prescence? you never know until you look.

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