December 21st, 2001


If I was posting a personal ad this week, it would say:

M or F, any age, wanted for last week of January/first week of February 2002 for driving adventure. Must like stopping at
Wall Drug and other Roadside Attractions whilst hauling artcar and too many worldly possessions along. Must appreciate my music/stories/ hypothetical questions and have good ones of your own to share as well. Haven't you always wanted to see Wyoming in the dead of winter? I know I have! Help me locate the mysterious Muffler men! Columbus to Seattle, route and timeframe negotiable.

Okay, I'm not really gonna post that anywhere, but if there's anyone out there I know (or don't know, but who isn't an axe murderer) that wants to do a Thelma and Louise (only with fewer bodies), lemme know. If you want a free ride to Idaho from Cleveland, here's your chance!