December 19th, 2001


Wait...I'm WHERE?!?

In all my excitement over getting a new job and uprooting my life, I neglected to mentioned I'd be going down south for Xmas. So yeah, I'm in Louisiana now. If I don't answer your email (can't retrieve it remotely) or miss an LJ comment, that's why.

I like going "home" once in awhile because there really is nothing much to do here. Most of my friends have moved to more interesting places, there's no shows worth seeing, and all the thrift stores can be hit in an afternoon. It's a true vacation in that I merely eat, visit, read, and rest. Even though I planned this trip before I even had the job interview date pinned down, I think it was fortunate timing. I -need- some sloth in my life since the next 2 months are going to be so harried. I need to visit with my folks, drink sherry, play with the dogs, and otherwise slack off. Especially since I'll probably I'll be flying off to WA in 3 weeks in an attempt to secure an apt, bank account, ISP, etc.

But I do have one silly responsibility while here: I have to take a "pre-employment physical" (I think this basically means "drug test") before I can get the formal official written offer from the new job. They want me to move on this ASAP, so I can't wait until I get home on the 26th of December. So mom is trying to make me an appt. with her doctor, while I play phone tag with the HR woman, who needs to have the usual doctor they have do these things up there call the doctor I'm seeing so they can instruct him about what the physical needs to include. Aside from paranoia about the huge amounts of poppyseed bagels and muffins I've scarfed in the last few months (Tim Horton's is on the way to work), I have nothing to worry about. But arranging this whilst on vacation is just kinda odd.."hmm, do some Xmas shopping, and then swing by the doctor's! yay!"

and a final comment: The need to check in at the airport 90 minutes before takeoff has been vastly overstated. Not only is the holiday travel crowd lighter than usual, but the security folks seem to have the new routines down fine. If you go as early as suggested, bring a book or two.