December 16th, 2001


thanks to all you PNWers

for giving me into about Washington State. TraceyB's link to the Seattle slang page also had a great word which none-the-less scares me... "Tacomatose". maybe enough espresso will counteract that.

I think I am going to take the job. All the reasons to not take the job seem petty when viewed over the long term. So I'm gonna eat the deposit on this apt. by breaking the lease. Oh well. I'll be in a new non-stagnant place. That's worth it.

It occurs to me that this will be the first cross country move I've made that wasn't influenced by a romantic relationship. I moved to SF because I wanted to leave my home state, and my boyfriend at the time wanted to move there, and it seemed as good a place to go as any, so I went. After 3 years and our breakup, I got involved with LFXB (who I favored much more then, of course) long distance, and then moved here because I got a job offer and figured what the hell. The ironic thing to happen would be if I fall in love with someone in Columbus (Boy with Tattooed Hand, perhaps) in the next 6 weeks and then have a horribly teary goodbye. That, or terrorists crash planes into the Space Needle.

I keep thinking of this Pixies lyric, which, paradoxically, will always remind me of the Dube, since it is impossible to have a meal at the Dube without hearing a Pixies song at least once on the jukebox:

"we went to the store and bought something great
which samples this song from washington state"

Today I'm listening only to bands from the PNW: Quasi, New Bad Things in the CD player now. Elliot Smith later. maybe the Meat Puppets covers off Nirvana unplugged later. Will have to do a thorough search of the CD collection and see who else I have that I haven't remembered is from there.
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