December 4th, 2001


New people added, and shoes

Everyone say hello to Drexle . I know him from the almighty Stripcreator, where we will soon trounce the competition in the Tag-team Comic Cup (once a certain moderator gets back online).

I have also added a few people who found me first: belochka (found me thru my listed interest in "wordplay"; doesn't seem to share any LJ friends with me, but writes some of her entries in Russian, which makes her the first multilingual poster on my friends list! I feel so urbane and cosmopolitan!
traceyb (found me thru avphibes, I think)
quelqueparte (found me thru avphibes or possibly saintartaud)

Everybody mingle.

And for the next item. I'm not gonna do this as a poll, because no one needs anonymity for this, and I wanna hear your comments along with your answers:

Lemur was over this weekend and poked fun at me for how many pairs of shoes I had. Like most women, I don't think I have -that- many. Lemur, being a guy, has about 3 pairs. So my question for ya'll:

How many pairs of shoes constitute "a lot" (ie fifteen pairs is fine, sixteen crosses the line to "a lot")?. There's no bet or hard feelings riding on this, but I'd like to hear what the rest of you think.

And yes, I'll spill the body count (as it were) in a few days.