November 16th, 2001


Cat Update and Thanksgiving

Domestic harmony is mostly restored. Henry's cone is off his neck, he's stopped shitting all over the place, and the hisses and growls from the girls have mostly subsided. Last night, all three of them slept in my bed, with Shockie doing an atypical thing and burrowing under the covers and sleeping near my feet. Awwww.

Only real downside is that having another cat has doubled the hair shedding/litter tracking, rather than merely increasing it by a third. lemur says this is what happens when you live with a guy, and I'm somewhat inclined to agree. probably the fact that he's somewhat longish haired (Henry, not lemur) ain't helping either. But Henry remains affectionate and seems to have appreciated (and thrived under) my care.

And to another topic: Thanksgiving Holiday means another Rock and Roll Roadtrip. Lemur and Lara's foray into NYC for Billy Nayer over Labor Day was great fun, and meeting the Inimitable (and non-abominable) Ms. Phibes was a neat convergence of real life and LJ life. So any LJers who'll be in Chicago over that weekend, if you see us at the Empty Bottle on Saturday (Poster Children) or the Metro on Sunday (Dismemberment Plan, early show), say hi.

Note: There seemed to be some irony correlated with the Labor Day Holiday (September 3), in which we decided not to do any NYC tourist type stuff because we'll be back sooner or later and have more time, and that shit will always be there. Ahem.
So heads up to evil forces, nothing bad may happen in/to Chicago the weekend after we leave. thank you.
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cute boy alert

Finally! of all the people who have ever passed by and chatted with me when I'm outdoors working on the artcar, finally I get an attractive person of the XY persuasion! He introduced himself, shook my hand, we chatted for 5 or 10 minutes.

Why I'm now in love (I mean this in the Sparky Del Rio sense, not real love. But you knew that):

He has a fresh tattoo on his hand that has geek significance. The devil-may-care aspect of getting a tattoo on your hand (sooo anti-establishment, assures you can never work an office job) is deliciously "bad boy". And the fact that it's a geeky symbol...swoon. No, I'm not telling you what it is. Chances are someone reading this knows him and can already identify him with the information given, and I don't want my fantasy spoiled with reality.

When he shook my hand, he apologized if his hand had lotion/cream on it from said tattoo {what a gentleman- concerned about getting my hand dirty, even though I already had dried silicone adhesive on my hands!}. We started talking about tattoo healing (those ones on the tops of my feet took awhile to heal, probably similar to hand tats), and he mentions that healing's been slow because he WORKS WITH POWER TOOLS and has to wear protective gloves while working. -Swoon!- . I like men with power tools, especially if they have ones I don't and they'll let me borrow the ones I need. If I ever meet a cute boy with his own oxy-acetylene torch, I'll just collapse in ecstasy right there. If he also has a lost wax method metal casting rig to use with a O/A torch, I will have his babies.

He said nice things about my car (well, lots of people have, but not all of them are cute). Seemed to know something about the cold-weather properties of silicone.

I wonder if I will ever see him again. If I find out he reads books and likes my kind of music, I'll be done for. Of course, I looked like hell when he rode up on his bicycle (like I'm gonna shower or fix my hair before going outside to play with glue and paint), but you never know. He lives in the 'hood, apparently. I should have been more forward and asked for his number or something, but I was feeling bashful. He knows where I live, so I guess it's up to him now.

In other news; the neighbors are having a party tomorrow, and I'm invited. With any luck, BWTH (Boy with Tattooed Hand) is friends with B the girl neighbor because he's in one of her molecular bio classes (yes, this is really what my hott blonde neighbor studies at OSU), which he studies when he's not welding in a Union shop. Very unlikely, but dammit, it's -my- fantasy backstory.

Now back to the mundane; time to vaccuum. Henry's a sweetie, but he sheds like a Tibetan yak in Arizona.
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Poll #10406 parents poll

Do your parents read your LiveJournal?

Sure! they're even on my friends list.
Yes, I have nothing to hide from them.
Yes. Why do you think I use so many friends only posts?
Yes, and it creeps me out a little.
I don't know, but I sure hope not.
I don't know, but I don't mind if they do
No, I've made sure they can't find my LJ
No, my parents wouldn't know a computer from an eight-track player.