October 29th, 2001


the rest of the weekend

revolved around 3 things, really:

1) Bindlestiff Family cirkus on Friday was awesome. Foresaw the whole condom up the nose/human blockhead thing from a mile away, although doing it as a salacious safe sex monologue was cute. but you'd think they'd take a lesson from Jim Rose, who brought this trick to thousands of lollapo-losers 6 or 7 years ago, and use a -black- condom. SOOO much grosser and more aesthetically contrasty.

2)finally saw Ghost World with lemur . I wanted to identify with the alienated, round-assed, precocious Thora Birch character, but I fear I'm more like the Steve Buscemi character, Seymour, even though he's gotta be a least 10 years older than me. Maybe it was all the 78's he had. Lemur elbowed me at the line in the movie where he says he's selling off the non-essential ones so that now he's only got 3000 or so. heh. Is that the life I might be fated to have if I stay in Columbus? hmm.

3) typed in the majority of my will that I've been obsessing about. still have some addresses and bank accts to look up, but it's 85% done. yay! In case I manage to expire before livejournal does and my coworkers don't recall me putting it there, I'll be keeping the main copy in my desk drawer at work. Now remember, I'm counting on you guys to remember that. And no, I did not leave all my worldly possessions to Frank, even though we share an LJ interest in pants (though my interest is not in eating them). Frank, btw, has over 90 people who list him as a friend. not bad for a fictional character.
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