September 18th, 2001


updating my resume: fun for me, fun for you!

Fun for you because here's the part where I procrastinate and write in LJ instead.

Lemur's friend E once said about someone I don't know, "He got an Elvis Costello record at an early age, and that pretty much explains what went wrong" (I'm paraphrasing, correct me, Lemur, and I'll edit this entry). So while I was listening to a thrifted Elvis Costello LP while updating my resume, it occurred to me that I wasn't really sure how many of his records I have. I've never been a huge fan, but neither do I hate him as some indie-rockers (and David Lee Roth, but that's another story) do. I used to think he was pretty much the epitome of the witty/clever pop songwriter, until I discovered Stephin Merritt 15 years later. Even if I don't listen to them that often, will some hot perspective Johnny look askance if it turns out I have 10 of his LPs, picked up here and there for a buck or two at yard sales and thrifts until suddenly, POW! they've taken over the "Co-Cu" section of my LP collection?

Turns out I'm okay. Elvis sits right next to The Cows, who could definitely beat him up if he gains too much of a foothold, and I have 5 Cows LPs to 4 Elvis LPs. And Alice Cooper watches from the other side with 5 titles.

And just to keep me focused on the task at hand;

There comes a time when you can probably remove certain no-longer-in-demand skills from your resume. It's time for my proficiency with Gopher and FTP to get the old heave-ho. In retrospect, I wonder why they were still on my resume in September 1998.

and yes, it really has been 3 years since I needed to update my resume. I wouldn't even be looking for another job if it wasn't a prerequisite of getting out of town.
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