September 13th, 2001


two thoughts occur:

I've never contributed money to anything other than the United Way or clothing and goods to the Salvation Army/Goodwill. But even I was moved/numb enough to do
the amazon red cross disaster contribution thingy. With� $1,712,192.94 contributed by� 54917 people, thats about $31 a person, and considering that the pledge page has been up for only about 24 hours, that's pretty impressive.

If you're like me and have unwanted blood, please give cash if you can. and if you're also like me and are basically charitable but too lazy to write checks and find a stamp, here's a chance to give $50 without leaving your chair (I assume has credit card/user accts for many of us).

second thought: it took something this horrible to make NYCers actually be helpful to strangers/each other. The tales of posh restaurants serving as shelters and people giving water and pizza out to the displaced and emergency personnel are stories I never thought I'd hear told about Manhattanites. let's hope the humanity holds. Also: given that a lot of people are fleeing to the other boroughs to ride out the power shortages and further bldg collapses; it is hereby decreed that from this day forth, it is unacceptable to make disparaging "Bridge and Tunnel crowd" comments.
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not about WTC

Let's change the subject for a moment to something trivial and insignificant. But the pundits say return to normalcy where possible after a tragedy is good for us, and god knows normal LJ life for me is concerned with trivial things....

there used to be two people that I didn't "know" that listed me as a friend in LJ, and never wrote me to tell me why, nor could I see anyone in their friends list that makes a connection to me. therefore they must have found me in some other way. One of them seems to have de-listed, but one remains, and so I'm gonna put you on the spot: why me? why my journal?

it's not that I mind or anything, I just wonder how you found me and what was so scintillating that you signed on as my pal.

Or if you're stalking me and are quietly fantasizing about fondling my socks, that's fine too.
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