September 7th, 2001


LJ interest fun fact

31 communities and 804 LJ users are interested in "masturbation"

1 community and 97 LJ users list "masterbation" as an interest.

1000 LJ users list "Stephen King" as an interest, while 89 LJ users like "Steven King".

Sigh. I wish LJ had a spellchecker/"see also" type of thingy to standardize interests surfing. I was the only person interested in "billy nayer show", until I got the bright idea to list "THE billy nayer show" instead, and presto! two matches. And you'd think the interest search would allow for truncation, for those who can't decide on Sleater-Kinney, sleater kinney, sleaterkinney, etc. Although god knows how many different ways the indie kids have misspelled that one.

And speaking of Sleater-Kinney, my favorite band this week is Quasi (147 interest matches).
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    Quasi- Field Studies