September 5th, 2001


1830 miles later...

and it's time for the trip recap...

Friday: Providence RI sure comes across as an unfriendly town. Maybe it was in part due to the returning RISD and Brown students and some "Xtreme Games" event, both which caused loads of street closings and possibly, cranky residents. The 2 Thayer Street record shops we went to had typically aloof clerks, but the one in East Providence/Pawtucket really took the cake: all the CDs were in locked cases with plexiglass or chickenwire fronts. the LPs in the basement were jam packed in their slots, and a sign advised that we were being monitered and would be thrown out if we didn't return albums to their proper places. Whatever. People in east Providence also seemed remarkably hostile to the artcar. Maybe they are made unfriendly in part by the jokes outsiders make about all the diner signs that advertise "hot wieners".

Saturday: Made it to Manhattan after a leisurely sushi lunch with Xta in CT. Took longer to get there than I thought, and we managed to arrive about a half hour before the Billy Nayer Show gig, which was of course, brilliant, though unfortunately one of my friends did not find it so. Met the inimitable AV Phibes, also resplendant in pink hair (I had dyed mine lavender, as is my custom when going on vacation, but the dye came out fushia instead of purple. maybe the dye's too old and the colors have gone off) and also digging the BNS. got a picture of me with my heartthrob Cory McAbee, and he gave me a drink ticket after I told him I had driven from Ohio to see this show. Which was nice, because drinks at Joe's Pub are outrageously high; more like Toyko than NYC. after the gig, me and Lemur and Phibes went to the Yaffa Cafe for eats.

Next day (Sunday) was weird. Manhattan started making me feel really anxious and profoundly depressed. I had started feeling that way driving in; seeing all the dozens of towers and projects, knowing there were hundreds of people stacked in each one; it seems so inhumane and unpleasant and no wonder New Yorkers have the rep they have. We met up with Lemur's friend Emily for brunch, who took us to "this cool place I like" which turned out to be -- the Yaffa Cafe, again, but still yummy 12 hours later. then some record shopping, a trip to Brooklyn for dinner with Phibes (you know you're getting the Williamsburg hipster experience when the restuarant has no name or address posted AND has a DJ spinning crappy techno as you eat), an unrequited phone call (I must have called a bit too late, and he was online at the time anyway, so I got the dreaded answering machine), a weary trip back to CT (which was made especially crappy by the fact that I was only journeying back to CT to see the friend I didn't reach by phone; since I didn't have an address or time frame of where we'd made plans to be that evening, all I could do was go back to Xta's and hope he might call me there or show up, which didn't happen). So had I known in advance, I could have shaved 5 hours (round trip) off of my car time and just stayed in NY that evening instead. Oh well, this is the price you pay for refusing to have a cell phone.

Drive back from CT the next day was fine; again, nothing notable on the road other than the giant Easter Island head near the "Timexpo" in Waterbury, CT; more road trip parlor games; we arrived home to our respective cats, who greeted us by rolling around and begging for tummy rubs (Lemur's cat Ginger) and mutilating a small flying mammal (my adorable and bloodthirsty Won't).
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