August 18th, 2001


Review: A Canadian unhooked my bra. Later I saw his penis.

Okay, a few days late, but here's my review of "The Jason Show" at Madlab:

First was Jason singing the (American) National Anthem. This is funny for two reasons: 1) Jason is Canadian (but I like him anyway) 2) He changed the lyrics to be only the words "Fuck Me", sung in place of the "real" words. Try it yourself ("O-oh say can you see" becomes "fuck me fuh-uck me", etc), and see if it isn't amusing. He had all of us 15 or so "bra-ettes" (see next paragraph) stand behind him with our hands over our hearts as he sang. it was difficult to not laugh; the audience, however was cracking up. When Jason walked on stage and said "Please rise for the singing of the National Anthem", his parents in the front row stood and his dad jokingly sang a few bars of "O Canada".

Next was the Guinness Book attempt for bra unhooking. I was one of the "bra-ettes". With a video camera documenting it for the Guinness folks, Jason made three attempts, unhooking us one handed while we sat perched on stools in a circle. His best attempt was 16 bras in 60 seconds. We'll have to wait to see if Guinness accepts it or not. I couldn't see the audience because of the stage lights, but their noise level was enthusiastic. Ironically, because Jason wanting us lined up by height, and I'm the shortest, after the line was arranged in a circle, I ended up sitting behind the tallest bra-ette, who was of course, the HFW. This time I wasn't bothered too much by her presence. My ex that cheated on me with the HFW was in the audience as well, and even though I hadn't been around him in over a year and ended up sitting in the row behind him after the Guinness segment was over, I wasn't too bothered by his presence, either. I will cattily remark that his hair looks really dumb lately- same color as mine, and really puffy and damaged from home bleaching, so he resembles someone in a Flock of Seagulls cover band. ha ha ha. But for some reason I was generally unbitter during the evening.

Next up was a live performance of Jason's music project "FM", which basically consists of Jason singing "Fuck me" in place of the words of other songs. I found this incredibly amusing, especially because Jason can actually sing. accompanied by two acoustic guitars, Jason performed "Puff the Magic Dragon", the Elvis ballad "Falling in love with you" (the one that usually starts off 'wise men say...'), and "When the Saints go marching in". I bought his "FM" CD, which seems like it would either be funny to play at a party, or a good way to get people to leave your house after a party.

Next segment was Jason's documentary "Exhausting the King", in which Jason and 3 other men grow out their sideburns and dress in Vegas-style Elvis suits, hop in a pink Cadillac, and drive to Graceland and spend a weekend trying to immerse themselves in Elvisness. None of the participants are Elvis fans, or even know that much about him, which makes it even funnier. Plymouth will be horrified to learn that the 1974 Cadillac that they painted pink was in fact a hearse, but seeing it parked outside, I liked the incongruity of something as Goth as a hearse in such a girly pastel color. I asked Jason if he intends to keep the car, or sell it, cuz I already know it's somewhat road worthy if it made it to Memphis and back (thought it did have a muffler problem, since fixed), because there's something so wrong about a pink hearse that I want one. Plus, I'd have no problem making it into an artcar if someone else has already taken the plunge and painted it pink. He said he wasn't sure yet. He's about to start law school (?!), so maybe he'll be looking to unload the hearse since he won't have a lot of time to have fun with it.

After the film was an intermission, and it seemed like a lot of people were ready to go home, and in fact did. The program had promised some "closing number", but I was apparently one of the few people who stayed that hadn't heard what it was. I earlier heard Jason telling his parents that they should leave prior to it, which they did, and which was good advice on Jason's part.

The closing number: Jason came out dressed in pants shirt and tie, while Dido's "Thank you" plays over the sound system. Jason drops his pants and underwear, sits in a chair, and begins singing "fuck me" over the Dido song. Meanwhile, as a video camera projects and enlarges the action, a nice lady puts on latex gloves and pierces the head of Jason's penis. The incredible thing was that while he did of course grimace, he did not STOP SINGING at the crucial moment, and kept singing even as the jewelry was inserted. It was rather impressive. Even if I wasn't on a stage, I don't think I could keep singing while someone was piercing me. And the in joke, which probably only a few people got: The piercing Jason got was called a "Dydoe", pronounced just like the artist of the song Jason was singing. nice bit of wordplay.

Kudos to Jason - he is a credit to his otherwise mockable homeland. {g}
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