August 15th, 2001


in which lara7 attempts a Zen lifestyle (sorta)

so, I'm thinking seriously that when the lease is up in May, I'll move out of town (jury is still out as to where). So my next-8 months goal is to try to get rid of 5-10% of my possessions, with the object of having less to move and to be rid of things that I don't need or don't contribute to joy in my life in more than a marginal way.

I haven't decided exactly on the formula- 10% of everything, or take 10% out of each category? this is easier for something like LPs and CDs (I have about 350 CDs, so 10% would be 35, and I'm sure there are 35 CDs I don't listen to that I could trade in) than something like "stuff in the bedroom" (I don't think I want to be rid of 10% of my bedsheets or lamps, as I'm already at the bare minimum there). Plus, I can't imagine breaking up my black velvet paintings collection. But since every place I'm thinking about moving is guaranteed to have less space per rental dollar than Columbus, the time to think about this is now, rather than when I'm packing the moving truck in May.
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