August 10th, 2001


Oh kitty, what have you done?

went into the bathroom only to find the cat (shockie, pictured) furiously grooming herself. half of her front end is coated in a gray dust that will not easily come off with a wet towel (I tried). It's that white-chalk-on-a-black-coat matter how much you blot out and how much you see on the towel, it looks like you haven't made a damn bit of difference. She whined while I attempted to clean her, and as I was making little to no diff, I gave up.

Now the bigger question is, what in hell did she get into? my suspicion- it's in the basement, and it's gonna be a mess to clean up. I don't -think- I have any toner cartridges lying around, but trust the Shock to find them if I did.
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I must be too old....

After seeing it in redrider's LJ and one of Plymouth's friends as well, I, too, took the diva test:

I have absolutely no idea who this is.

The site says she's in a band called "Magic Dirt", which doesn't spark recognition, either.

ah well, back to purity tests, which are both timeless and more fun to take...
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