July 30th, 2001


Folkfest weekend

So this Saturday was the Worthington Folkfest, at which there was an artcar presence (10 artcars!) orchestrated by Greg, driver of the Summer Art Car and head of the Columbus ArtCar Resource Society (CARS). Me and others did some folk art demonstrations (ie I got paid by the fest to work on my car, which I'd probably have being doing anyway on a Saturday off), answered questions from bewildered suburbanites, and generally hung out. Was a pretty good day, though after 8 hours of it, plus pizza and beer with the other artcar artists afterwards, I was exhausted. came home at 9:30pm, went to bed and despite delusions that I was just taking a nap, slept until noon on Sunday.

So I noticed a lot of families with strollers at the FolkFest, and it was making me think about stuff, and inspired me to try out the LJ poll option, which should be in the post after this one.
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Poll: men and strollers

Poll #2689 Men and baby Strollers

When you see a man pushing a baby stroller, what is your general impression of him?

He seems sensitive and/or parental
He seems sissy and/or emasculated
He's probably married, but no impression besides that
some other impression not listed here