July 11th, 2001


The kind of thing I love about Columbus:

Got this in an email today:

A MadLab show needs your help!!

On August 16, during 'The Jason Show', Jason will attempt a Guinness-
approved record attempt to unhook as many bras as possible within 1 minute.

If you would like to be part of this historic moment, please e-mail Jason
at JasonDahmer@yahoo.com.

For those of you still reading (thanks by the way), the simplified rules
are as follows:

- Women will be in a T-Shirt
- The bra must be a back-clasp variety of at least 2 clasps
- The Women will be sitting on a stool, while Jason goes around with 1
hand, goes up the back of the T-Shirt, and unhooks the bra
- The judging will be done by a judge following Jason. The judge will
hold up the back of the T-Shirt so the camera recording the attempt can see
that the bra is indeed undone

And no, Jason can't believe Guinness actually went for it either.

Thank you.