June 26th, 2001


Comfest this weekend

went to the Community Festival (aka ComFest) this Saturday. me and Greg and Emily (in town visiting from OK city) set up an artcar camp near the shelterhouse to glue, answer questions, hang out, and visit. Got the roof and hood of Disk Drive reworked almost completely, and only got sunburned in a small area around my neck and shoulders where I couldn't reach with the sunblock.

The Horse-Faced-Whore (HFW) walked by and looked at Greg's car, and apparently didn't see me sitting right next to it, or didn't recognize me with the blonde hair. You'd think she'd have had the social skills to leave immediately and not stick around, but she's never been known for her great intellect. She looked at Greg's car for awhile, didn't speak to anyone, and then left. I pointed her out to my friend sitting next to me; he thought she was a man in drag. hahaha.

On a more pleasant note, Gil Mantera's party dream, perhaps the best live band playing in Columbus currently, put on a great show despite the twin challenges of playing outdoors and at 11am. took some digipics but they don't really do justice to the spectacle. Jack Neat played around 9pm - also great. Nikki could sing nursery rhymes and make them sound sultry. Also extra points for singing one of my fave Brasil '66 songs, Mas Que Nada, and making it sound like she actually is fluent in Portuguese and knows what the hell she's singing. maybe she does, but either way, it was an awesome performance.

stuff I'm liking recently:
Respite- anti itch lotion- obtained for poison ivy, also works for sunburn
Magnetic Fields - "Holiday" and "69 Love Songs" CDs
Rust-oleum Hammered Metal Finish Spraypaint - amazing end product.
lileks.com, esp the foreign money photoessay.
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