June 17th, 2001


stuff I'm liking recently


East side story - a documentary about the golden age (1930's to 1960's) of Socialist film musicals. I, too, was unfamiliar with this film genre, but apparently, the Soviets and the East Germans and to a lesser degree, the Bulgarians, made some Hollywood-type musicals that extolled the virtues of hard work, collectivism, and social equality. If you've ever wanted to hear songs about "my love growing like the wheat", or see the singing stars perched on tractors, this is the film for you. Even if you aren't sympathetic to the politics, the otherworldlyness of this film genre makes this documentary pretty engrossing.

Kurt and Courtney - sorta like a grunge "Roger and Me". BBC journalist investigates conspiracy theories about Cobain suicide (or was it murder?), is thwarted by Courtney Love to the point of having his financial backing withdrawn from the film, being unable to use any Nirvana music in the film, and having interviewees act suspiciously, as if Love's people have threatened them. The film is uneven, and the British interviewers disconnectedness from the Pacific Northwest music scene doesn't help. But it's still interesting viewing, more for the insight into Courtney's psychotic personality than for coming to any conclusions about the murder vs. suicide issue. highlights: interviewer confronts Courtney while she's presenting an ACLU award, asking her about the apparent contradiction between her support of the ACLU and her threatening journalists that write negative profiles of her. The Mentors video for "You are my Sex Slave", finally shedding light on what Tipper Gore was so upset about.

stupidity: the DVD of this 90+ minute movie has only 5 chapters. duh. I had to stop it at about 80 minutes into it, and forwarding to where I left off in chapter 5 was a big pain in the ass.


Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady- Florence King. A memoir of a misfit Virginia girl growing up in the 40's, trying to resist her grandma's efforts to "rear" her properly into the model of Southern Womanhood. Strongly reminiscent of Rita Mae Brown's "Bingo" and "Six of one", which I also enjoyedm, though not as much. Hysterically funny, and filled with literary illusions. You gotta love her tale of losing her virginity to a former professor at age 21; "Reader, I fucked him". There were times while reading this I laughed for 5 minutes straight and began to hyperventalate. Recommended for all Southern tomboys.

Lemony Snicket: "A Series of Unfortunate Events" - thanks to Elizabeth for recommending these. I'm only through the first 2, but I love them. the audiobooks are read by Tim Curry, who is a perfect choice. these have two things in common with Harry Potter: plucky orphans, and the next big children's book cross over into the adult market. hop onto the bandwagon before Mr. Snickett makes the cover of Newsweek. All of your goth friends are belong to these books.

additional plus: Mr. Snicket's alter-ego, Daniel Handler, plays the accordion in the Magnetic Fields and the Gothic Archies, and if you listen to the audiobooks, you get to hear the GA's songs about the story you just heard. as far as I know, these songs haven't been released elsewhere. I have a weakness for accordion players.


The Tiger Lillies: Shockheaded Peter: A junk Opera - do you like cabaret songs (with accordion, natch) based on turn of the century German childrens' books about children who die or become horriibly maimed because they disobey their parents? Of course you do....


Goo- gone - Is there nothing it can't remove? like Duct tape and WD40, essential.

art car randomness

So I was working on Disk Drive on Friday, and some pre-teen girls from down the street walked by with their dad. about a half hour later, ther dragged mom over to see the wacky car. Turns out they were in town for a wedding, had never seen an artcar before, asked some questions, and helped me (under my direction) pull off some of the disks I'll be replacing from the hood. I though little of it at the time, but tonight (late Saturday PM), I looked out to find an 'offering' of three oversized ribbons/bows (the kind found on wedding gifts) on the roof. this made me smile quite a bit.