Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Doing the work of 4 mere mortals...

this weekend, I:

1) got a new roof on the garage. while, admittedly, I didn't do any of the actual -work- on it, I can cross "deal with leaky garage" off my to do list.
2) hung out on Friday with gryph and I actually MADE DINNER that, by all accounts, was both tasty and a balanced meal. I was especially proud of the salad (spinach leaves with tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and pear cubes) and the marinated carrots. we also worked on a writing project together, which I'll continue after posting this.
3) got haircut (in preparation for interview tuesday)
4) worked on art car (redoing areas ruined by dent and dent repair)
5) mowed lawn
6) re-glued CDs on garage that roofers knocked off with their pounding on stuff. since only like 2 rows had any fall off, I'm encouraged that I glued well; If so few fell off with 4 men stomping around and raking off shingles, they can probably withstand a windstorm or whatever.
7) did financial/ budget work for upcoming Seattle Artcar Blowout
8) tonight, cooked YET ANOTHER meal (masala simmer sauce with tofu and green peppers) that was yummy and I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.
9) worked outside on car and in yard for 2 days and successfully avoided the scintillating conversation of Mr. Belonging-to-Wilson
10) Unabashedly reveled in my love of the Posies. Yes, I said the Posies, not the Pixies.

pending things this week:
1) to research and prepare for the job interview.
2) Win Soup, or watch others win soup
3) Attend David Schmader's "Showgirls" event
4) buy wedding present, go to Louisiana, attend matrimonial ritual/ersatz high school reunion

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