Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

fun with linky

I was trying to explain the Cult of IKEA to lemur68 the other day, and I mentioned besides the obvious "virtues" of IKEA that a lot of their furniture has funny "Swedish" names like "fagelth" or "fartfull". Then today. someone notes the perfect desk for the webporn aficiando:

Provides ample space for all your 'computer equipment'.

Also, for all the comments on lists I'm on re: The chicken you can get to do your bidding, no one has remarked that the proper spelling is "subservient". Most of the "hey, check out this chicken" mails I've gotten cite the "subserviant" URL, but as you might imagine, "subservientchicken.com" points to the same site. I'm glad to know that: I'd hate to think Burger king got cyber-squatted and thus had to register the incorrect "subserviantchicken" when "subservientchicken" was taken by someone else.

Anyway, the chicken will refuse to do certain things or react badly to many phrases- it will "read a book", but ask it to "eat a Big Mac" and it gets PISSED!

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