Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Homo tax follies

That's short for "homeowner", of course.

So now that I'm a grownup and can deduct my mortgage interest AND my property taxes AND (well, this first year, anyway) my "loan origination point" that I paid to get the mortgage, I did very well as far as an expected tax refund was concerned. How well? Better than ever before. Better like "breaks 4 figures" better.

So what shiny bauble am I going to blow my wad of cash on? A new computer? More shoes? Every DVD Jon Stewart has ever appeared on? Airfare to Vanuatu?

Well, I though my first priority would be to get some estimates on fixing the leaky will-rot-away-in-the-next-two-years garage roof, and whatever was left, I'd spend on something fun. I got my first 2 estimates this morning, and they are pretty close to one another. Assuming the other estimates are similar, once I pay for the roof, my leftover refund cash will be close to...30 dollars!! Not exactly the hookers, limos and cocaine figure I started with.

Not upset, just mildly disappointed that the income and expense sums have to be so similar. I was hoping for a difference of a Numark TT200 turntable, or a sushi dinner at Mashiko, or at least a couple months of Netflix. With all the effort and cash I've put into the garage, its hard to believe it hasn't magically transformed itself into an in-law apartment by now.

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