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uh, what? semi spam, but I guess I was askin' for it... - The inexplicable charisma of the rival [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just me.

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uh, what? semi spam, but I guess I was askin' for it... [Mar. 25th, 2004|11:15 pm]
Just me.
Dear Lara7,

I love your posting.

Make Your Own Dildo would like to thank you for reviewing our Kit and for contributing to our Company's success by supporting our products.

Starting March 22nd, 2004, to show our appreciation we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our brand new "Affiliate Program"

Now, I don't doubt that at some point in the last 3 years, I linked to this site in my LJ as a "oh look this amuses me" way. I remember this site making the memepool rounds long ago.

I did not "review" their kit, and anyone who has seen me naked can testify I am unlikely to be able to do so in the immediate future.

I think the thing that amuses me most is the idea that of the 75-100 or so people who read my LJ, that any of them will 1) buy their product and 2) do so in a way that kicks 15% back to me.

[User Picture]From: lemur68
2004-03-25 08:07 pm (UTC)
"Currently appearing on The Osbornes"???????
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[User Picture]From: whod81
2004-03-26 03:05 am (UTC)
whatever dude i just bout 30 of them. you're missing out on the kickbacks!!!!
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[User Picture]From: dirtylibrarian
2004-03-26 05:46 am (UTC)
I was just thinking yesterday that if someone made ice-dildos at Burning Man and handed them out, they might be very popular. The question of course is popular with who. And would you flavor them?
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[User Picture]From: palecur
2004-03-26 09:30 am (UTC)
I bitterly resent not being able to testify that you are unable to review their kit, and demand an opportunity to correct this situation with all due dispatch.
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[User Picture]From: lara7
2004-03-26 09:41 am (UTC)

easy enough...

1) y'all are coming to visit
2) I have a hot tub
3) people who wear clothes in my hot tub get laughed at

owning a hot tub increases the number of people who have seen you naked by an order of magnitude greater than the people who have, ya know, "seen you naked".
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