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So I saw an event listing on Craigslist for a "footnight party". Curious, I followed the URL to find a site that starts:

Up close, personal and beautiful. Soft, smooth, beautiful female feet. It’s the dream of many men, the reality of few.

It's not the aims of this group I'm amused by as much as the name: Girls With Feet. I mean, really, don't most girls have feet? Couldn't they come up with a short, catchy group name that was more descriptive or enticing? Girls with Sexy Feet? Girls with Cute Feet? HotFeet.com? teen slut barnyard feet? I'm just baffled by the almost clinical name.

Also, I'm curious as to what makes one foot "beautiful" compared to other feet. Other than having the requisite number of toes and not being dirty or plagued with bunions, what makes one foot a "9" and another a "6"? I think I know how my breasts, legs, and ass compare on the raw physical attractiveness scale to other women out there, but I'm morbidly fascinated by the idea that my feet might be incredibly desirable (to the men who are into feet, I mean) and I WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! It'd be like going to some "primitive" remote culture with wildly different standards of beauty and discovering you had the most desirable elbows in the entire village.

And I'm sure lemur68 was already thinking this, but when I saw the name "Girls With Feet", my next thought was of course, hey, I wonder if the site for men who want girls without feet is still up, and indeed, it still is.

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