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In which I hang out in Baltimore and see an ornate Krishna temple in WV - part 1

So this weekend was an art car event in Delaware (the state, not the Ohio county), which means an excuse to go hang out in Baltimore (only 1 hour away from Delaware) again! yay for Charm city.

for your added LJ reading pleasure, open another browser with this url:
http://photos.yahoo.com/lara7seven and look in the first folder (aartcars in Newark) for corresponding illustrations.

Arrive late Friday night, hang with T & H; have pizza and catch up. Saturday, caravan to Newark DE for the "downtown with the arts" fest. only new face (er, new to me) among the 8 artists is a local guy, Eric, who restores and fixes cars for a living but builds artcars for fun. He's brought along a few interesting things; 1) the coffin car (photos 1 and 2), an actual coffin mounted on a VW frame for the ultimate non-hearse goth driving experience 2) Ozzy the dog (photo 3), who cannot ride in the coffin during the parade and thus rides with me instead 3) a white VW (photo 4) as a blank canvas for people to paint during the fest. the parade is a bit chaotic with traffic signals breaking us up, but after we park downtown, the festival goers seem to enjoy the cars. fun afternoon, and I get to hit a couple of thrifts as well. while driving back from the Salv, we spot a nutty lowrider (photo 5) that has hydralics installed which allow it to drive at a 45 degree angle. the pic doesn't do justice to seeing it in action.

head back to balto, more hanging out, H and I go to the Cat's Eye for Irish music (T is tired and stays home). it is theorized that hated "Irish" song "The Unicorn", by virtue of its popularity among the clueless and the fact that it has hand motions that go with the chorus, is not unlike "The Chicken Dance" (as seen at Polish Weddings and Brave Combo concerts) .

Next day, go to college library to see friend I haven't seen in 4 years. we goof around on the web and hang out til 7pm or so. I have a dilemma; It's T & H's first wedding anniversary, so I'd cleared out rather than stay there a third night, but after hanging at library, making it back to Ohio (8 hour drive) seems unlikely. I can't stay with aforementioned library friend. Being a person travelling alone and not having to be at work until Wednesday afternoon, I briefly consider a weird idea floating about my head over the weekend: head to NYC (4 hours away) and see Ground Zero and perhaps exorcise some of the unpleasant thoughts and nightmares I've had lately. this is only feasible if crash space is eminent, so I call Phibes, only to get bitch slapped by the PCS cellular network. perhaps she's cancelled her mobile service? dunno, but considering that this is an extra 8 hours tacked onto my journey and is essentially an exercise in morbidity, I decide instead to head back towards Ohio and see how far I get. I eat a lovely pasta dinenr in historic Frederick, MD, and make it to the I-70 MD/ PA border at 11pm ish and decide the rest area seems a fine place to bunk for the night. I've brought a pillow and sleeping bag, and my leather coat, so I'm actually pretty comforatble and warm.

Morning comes, and another whim; Instead of taking the I-70 thru PA the entire way back, let's cut thru MD on the 68 thru the Cumberland area and catch some different scenery. also, this will take me thru more of WV than my usual I-70 "hey here's wheeling/ oh now we're in Pennsylvannia" route, and I'm always up to see places I've never been to/through. Also. Morgantown seems fairly large on the map (it will turn out to be a reasonably sized college town), and my gut tells me it has good thrifting possibilities. So the I-68 it is!

next installment: wild, wonderful WV.

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