Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

My birthday was pretty great, actually

About 3 weeks ago, Ivan promised to take me out for sushi for my birthday since 1) it was my birthday 2) he had some money come in 3) ever since all the unpleasantness of January, I was feeling pretty down and worried that various friends would fall off the map now that I was no longer dating the person who'd introduced us in the first place. So last night, after spending much of the afternoon painting the kitchen (a project we started back in december that has reagged on for a while now) away we went to sushi.

Had it not been for seeing the artcar of a friend (who is notorious for never going out to eat) in the back parking lot, where the restaurant was pretty much the only thing open on a Sunday night, the surprise party might have been a complete surprise. As it was, I only figured it out 5 minutes before, so it was still pretty great. And seeing all the people there just made my day. I felt the love.

And the unagi was delicious as well.

thanks to everyone who sent me birthday emails or LJ posts or phone calls as well...You all know who you are. :-)
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