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all I got was a tax-deductible rock

I participate in a list called freecycle, which lets you post listings to give away stuff that you couldn't (or don't want to) sell for money. It's a good way of getting stuff into the hands of someone who actually wants it, rather than donating it to a thrift. Some things I've given away include a dozen light brites, 30+ windows from Ivan's proposed greenhouse project, a lamp, a chia head, and buckets of landscaping rocks. From the list, I've gotten a dresser, fireplace tools, and a stereo reciever that works much bettter than the one I was using.

So tonight I posted this:

OFFER: 2 big rocks for your garden

2 big garden rocks (note scale of soccer ball and tennis ball)


rock on the left is fairly heavy (I'll guess 70-90 lbs), rock on right is about 30 lbs. take one or both. In west seattle.

And got this response:

I'd love to take these off your hands to donate to a local charity. Let me know ASAP, I am close to you. Thank you.

I have to wonder what the hell a charity would want with an 80lb rock. I find this especially bizarre considering I tried to freecycle a cell phone (works, has charger and manual, but is 2 years old and not compact and sleek) to a non-profit agency clearhouse place, and no one said "yes,my charity could use it". And yet there's a charity that has a (percieved?) need for boulders? Weird.

Any guesses as to what a charitable use of a rock is?

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