Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

A Nader in the Woodpile

I see that like Jason or Michael Myers, Ralph Nader won't stay dead.

I remember that right after the September 11 attacks, one of my coworkers, aghast at how Bush was responding to the situation, kept muttering "No, Ralph, they're NOT both the same" (refering to Nader's oft stated criticism that there's no appreciable difference between Democrats and Republicans). Now, I can't say whether Gore would have handled things any better, but I know he wouldn't have appointed Ass-croft, and that counts for a lot right there to me.

Nader's contention that both parties are controlled by corporate interests and therefore are unsatisfactory is true but missing the big picture. It's like being told "You can choose one of the following methods for your death; either an overdose of drugs that will put you to sleep and you'll never wake up, or you can be brutually stabbed to death by OJ" and then replying "well, either way, I end up dead, so it doesn't matter which method I choose".

Just go home, Ralph. How about using some of your notoriety to campaign for Greens in city or state elections where they actually have a chance of winning an office and building a viable third party?

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